DryNamics opens for enrollment November 1st, 2023

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Experience DryNamics!

It's so much more than just a break from alcohol.

This transformative journey will nourish your body, enrich your mind, strengthen relationships, and uplift your spirit.

Beyond a mere reset, DryNamics offers ongoing teachings seamlessly woven into your daily life. It meets you where you are and empowers you to go even further in your personal growth.

The remarkable outcome? An extended period of ease in abstaining from alcohol, profound clarity about your true desires, and newfound confidence to prioritize your well-being like never before! Embrace the journey of a lifetime with DryNamics.

“I had 3 BIG goals for my year and I completed all of them during my 90 days in DryNamics"

-Bridget M.

Sobriety as a TOOL

Embrace DryNamics to master the SKILL of enjoying sobriety, a tool you can utilize repeatedly. This isn't about punishment; it's about harnessing the strength of maintaining an alcohol-free body to create the life you truly desire. Experience the magic of DryNamics as you release fatigue, anxiety and irritability, replacing them with newfound confidence and resilience. 


Why do members LOVE DryNamics?

Because our classes are convenient and meaningful and because we build authentic connections with the other members of our community. 

You won't show up for DryNamics because you feel like you should, you'll show up because you're learning so much and you're truly enjoying the time together.

“Working with Katie has changed my life, my body and my brain in ways I didn't know were possible"

-Mary N.

"DryNamics showed me a different way of adulting"

-Dacia D.


Your virtual membership includes:

  • Weekly DryNamics group coaching sessions with lead coach, Katie Tomaszewski
  • Monthly one-on-one support with lead coach, Katie Tomaszewski
  • One-on-one transomatic dialogue meditation journey with meditation guide, Rangeeni
  • Private account on the Slack app to share resources and keep your coursework organized
  • Weekly LIVE support sessions; choose from meditation, breathwork and Pilates 


  • Improve Your Gut, Improve Your Life workshop and optional 10 day challenge with ongoing support from Master Nutrition Therapist, Taylor Wessel
  • Play Big : 3-part workshop designed to get you dreaming and doing with goal coach and DryNamics Graduate, Mary Nisi

"DryNamics is a low stakes, high gain, truly empowering experience"

-Annie C.

Who will benefit from DryNamics?

  • Anyone who is curious about what they could do with their time and resources diverted away from alcohol
  • Those who are craving more space for their  dreams and looking for the REAL confidence they need to get after them
  • Busy people who are looking for a convenient way to build their community  
  • Those who benefit from working within an effective accountability structure
  • Curious folks who are eager to explore what it feels like to completely support themselves in body + mind + spirit
  • Anyone ready to cultivate a brighter perspective and more ease in 2024 and beyond!

Meet lead coach and creator of DryNamics, Katie Tomaszewski

Meet Katie, a Chicago-based wellness educator with 15 years of experience. A visionary business owner, she ignites positive change in both private and corporate settings across the country and online. As a certified Pilates teacher and Language of Breath breathworker, she expertly nurtures mind-body harmony and empowers individuals to flourish.

After slowly embracing sobriety, Katie discovered a profound shift in her anxiety-ridden existence, leading her to break free from fear's grasp. Armed with a BS in Health Sciences and a certified Master Breathworker, Katie's passion for healing led her to launch the groundbreaking sobriety challenge, DryNamics. 

Through DryNamics, Katie helps individuals  unlock immense potential when they heal through nurturing their minds, bodies and spirits. The DryNamics Method is designed to uncovers an untapped reservoir for colossal transformation for each and every participant.

Embrace a new path with Katie and witness the extraordinary impact of self-care and mindful living on your transformative journey. Unleash your true potential and prioritize the essence of well-being with The DryNamics Method.

DryNamics Meditation Guide, Rangeeni

Meet Rangeeni, a gifted meditation guide with a transformative presence in the world of DryNamics since 2019. Hailing from Mexico, she has embarked on a global journey, leading meditation sessions that spark profound self-discovery.

Rangeeni's extensive training in transomatic dialogue, transomatic dream dialogue, transomatic past life dialogue, and Akashic reading processes elevates her expertise. Her group meditations serve as an invitation to delve deep into the essence of self-creation. Through introspection, she encourages participants to explore the narratives they weave and question their validity.

Meditation becomes a powerful tool under Rangeeni's guidance, enabling individuals to reshape their reality and redefine their own truth. Each meditation session is a personal voyage, uniquely tailored to support participants on their individual paths of growth and understanding.

Join Rangeeni's transformative meditation circles and embark on a journey of self-discovery, empowering you to authentically embrace the art of living. Reclaim your narrative and rediscover the essence of your truth through the profound practice of meditation.

DryNamics Nutritionist, Taylor Wessel

Meet Taylor Wessel, a seasoned Master Nutrition Therapist with over 13 years of dedicated expertise in the realm of Holistic Nutrition. Embodying a refreshing philosophy, her 3-part approach to nutrition is both simple and empowering:

  1. Nutrition should be anything but boring or restrictive, embracing a vibrant and enjoyable approach to nourishment.
  2. Recognizing that each person is unique, Taylor emphasizes that nutrition varies from individual to individual, tailoring her guidance accordingly.
  3. Taylor's methodology encourages adopting new habits playfully and effortlessly, making positive changes a delightful experience.

No fad diets or quick fixes under Taylor's guidance. Her focus lies in cultivating small, sustainable changes that yield lasting results. With a wealth of knowledge and a deep commitment to her clients' well-being, Taylor works seamlessly with diverse populations and accommodates every dietary requirement.

Her heartfelt passion lies in supporting those grappling with burnout, adrenal fatigue, and hypothyroidism, offering a compassionate hand on their journey to renewed vitality and wellness. Embrace Taylor's holistic approach to nutrition and embrace a healthier, more joyful way of living!


DryNamics Goal Coach, Mary Nisi

Meet the unstoppable Mary Nisi, a serial entrepreneur and triumphant graduate of DryNamics! In 2005, she founded her remarkable DJ company, Toast & Jam, which has been the heart and soul of countless events in Chicago and beyond.

Mary's indomitable spirit extends beyond the music scene as a founding member of the Chicago Independent Radio Project (CHIRP). As the host of "The Noonday Underground," she leaves an indelible mark on the airwaves.

Since embracing sobriety, Mary's journey has led her to new horizons. She fearlessly launched A Mary Nisi Production, a transformative business consultancy, while empowering women business owners through her captivating podcast, "All Up In My Lady Business." In candid interviews, she delves into the challenges faced by women entrepreneurs, offering unwavering support in the face of patriarchal obstacles.

Embracing over two years of sobriety, Mary is an inspiration to all, taking names and empowering you to rise to the next level in your journey. Prepare to kick ass and leave your mark on the world under the uplifting guidance of Mary Nisi!



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