$395.00 USD

Awakened Awareness


What you'll experience:

  • Challenge
  • Release
  • Relaxation
  • Clarity
  • Bliss

What you'll get:

  • Orientation Meeting (Friday)
  • Dynamic Meditation
  • Geet Chung Meditation
  • Transomatic Meditation
  • Peer to Peer sharing
  • Osho Kundalini
  • Breathwork Integration Session (Sunday)

What People Are Saying:

Having done similar work in the past, Transomatic was the first practice to help me realize how certain patterns of my behavior stemmed from one of my first core memories- very enlightening!

Jenny Meyers

My Transomatic was incredibly helpful to my efforts to understand myself and why I behave in certain ways. I've carried several insights from that experience into my current life.

Martha Tierney

I love how this process lingered with me afterwards….these little nuggets of wisdom from my own psyche...this new knowledge affected the way I was moving through the world for weeks. A profound experience that I cannot recommend highly enough!

Meredith Mollica