7 Simple + Satisfying Beverages for the Alcohol-Free Drinker

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Yes, I may be a non-drinker, but I still enjoy a thoughtful and delicious beverage. And I know I’m not alone, the alcohol-free beverage industry is growing rapidly and more major alcohol distributors now offer non-alcoholic drinks than ever! Enjoy my very simple and very satisfying list of go-to alcohol-free beverages.


Soda water:

THE classic sober choice has got to be soda water. But with so many options on the market, it’s no longer a boring choice. I choose Spindrift or something else that’s sweetened with fruit. Lots of soda waters will claim “natural flavors” on their label, but that’s an FDA loophole where companies can add whatever chemicals they want and call it “natural flavors.” Don’t buy it! 


I usually choose citrus flavored soda and I pour it over ice in a rocks glass. To make it a real party, I add a few splashes of bitters and a lemon zest. Please note that while bitters are typically made with alcohol, I’m okay with a few drops in my mocktails, but lots of people are NOT. Ask before serving your sober friends.


NA beer:

Athletic Brewery is my favorite brand of NA beer, and I especially love their Run Wild IPA. It tastes just like the real thing and will definitely scratch the Beer Me itch. Perfect for a porch beer or something to crack after yard work! Call me what you will, but I like to pour mine into a mason jar over ice. Probably not the “right” way to drink it, but it’s my way!


If I really want to turn it up for a wedding or a dance party, I opt for good old fashioned iced tea. Something about showing up with a 20 oz half black/ half green unsweetened Dunkin Donuts has me feeling so dang sexy and gets me just the right kinda high.


Another favorite, much less caffeinated option is Guayaki's Yerba Mate drinks. I’m especially fond of the Grapefruit Ginger option and I find that the 12oz can gives a light but still noticeable caffeine pop. 

If you are feeling like you don’t want to risk caffeine keeping you up all night, remember that every time you consume alcohol, your ability to get deep sleep that night gets wrecked by the alcohol detox. Given that, caffeine would fall into the “harm reduction” category. I would normally have 3-5 drinks when out at an event which would guarantee some kind of hangover for SEVERAL days. I’ll do the night caffeine thing instead, and plan on giving myself a facemask when I get home, or finish some chores so I can sleep in the next day. It’s not a perfect option, but it’s much better for your body and your sleep than drinking alcohol.


CBD drinks:

There are so many CBD options out there, and I absolutely love the Marz Juniper Fizz. This guy tastes so much like a gin and tonic that I’ve even tricked myself into feeling a placebo buzz—or maybe that’s the CBD? In any case, pour a can of this delightful beverage over ice. Add a lime and you’ll be in G+T mocktail heaven!

NA wine:

As someone who formerly worked in the restaurant industry (subtext : I’m a wine snob), I have yet to try an NA wine that’s palatable. I have, however, found something which can scratch the wine itch, and that’s Vybes Peach Ginger. It tastes just like a fruit-forward rose, the 25mg of CBD provides just a little bit of a grittier, booze-like finish, which keeps it out of the “juice” category for me. Pour this one straight in a wine glass!

When you’re at a restaurant or bar and there are no NA options available:

This one boggles my mind, but happens all the time. Here’s what I do: We know that every bar and restaurant on planet earth sells Coke (or one of its lesser counterparts). Don’t do the diet, go for the full experience and make it “skinny” by asking the bartender for half soda water. Add a few splashes of bitters and a piece of citrus and you have a beautiful beverage that’s just as good as any fancy mocktail!


Choosing to socialize sans booze could be a big challenge at first and finding a simple and satisfying beverage shouldn’t be! Hope this lists helps you have fun :)

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