Let's go outside!


I know what you're thinking:

This all sounds fun except, I hate the cold!

Guess what? ME TOO!

And that's exactly why this thing works.

When you confront your fears, a sense of joy and confidence immediately washes over you,

And when you do that in conjunction with activities that stimulate your vagus nerve, you're effectively reprogramming your stress response.

That means an increased stress tolerance, more emotional resilience and an enduring sense of ease that lasts long after you leave!


Meet your host, Integrative Health and Fitness Coach, Katie Tomaszewski. Katie has used her fear of the cold to supercharge her life since 2018 and has been hosting cold exposure events and workshops since 2019.

Everyone is welcome to attend, but we strongly encourage you to use careful judgment and consult with your trusted healthcare professionals before joining us.

Those with cardiovascular concerns, epilepsy, or who are pregnant should take extra precautions when exposing themselves to the cold.


We'll be regular with a little bit of spontaneity in there. 

The plan is to meet every Saturday but the time will vary (and the day might vary too).

Events will be announced weekly by email so it's essential that you get on that list. Attendees will be required to fill out a waiver and agreement and we'll email that as well!


Winter Swimming

Nothing reboots your stress response like submerging in ice cold water!

Icy Meditations and Breathwork


Uplift your spirits while consciously breathing icy cold air and you'll drop into the deepest states of meditation.

Playtime in the Snow

If you haven't bearcrawled half naked in a snow race, have you even lived?

Let's go outside!

Second Summer in Chicago is HERE