Holistic Ways to Heal the Holiday Hangover

Dec 13, 2022
by Katie Tomaszewski, Creator of The DryNamics Method

We’ve all been there, drinking too much or drinking too many days in a row and all of a sudden, we wake up in the muck of a hangover: fatigue, anxiety, depression, nausea

For the most part, waiting it out and resting is the best cure. But sometimes, we gotta get up and be with our kids, our pets, our jobs….so here are a few holistic strategies that could give you a boost. 

Start with Level 1, which can be done right now and will provide a good break from symptoms, hopefully enough to at least get you moving. If you want more relief, take on Level 2! And if you really need your symptoms to end and you’re ready to do whatever it takes (and I mean WHATEVER it takes)… I present Level 3. 

Hangover - induced Depression : 

Level 1 - Sniff Sniff Poo Breath. Inhale once and then inhale again (sniff - sniff) and then when you exhale, just say "poo". Go right back into the sniff sniff and then exhale "poo". Breathe like this for 1 minute, the quicker and deeper - the better! After one minute, take 3 big breaths to bring you back into normal breathing. You might get a little tingly or you might get dizzy, so make sure you practice seated (not driving).

Level 2 - Take a brisk walk in the cold wearing minimal protective clothing. Try and relax, don't lift your shoulders, don't chatter your teeth, look for ease. And after you find that ease keep walking for a few minutes!

**I know that cold exposure is a lot to ask for some of us, but just know that NOTHING heals a hangover like cold exposure. Alcohol got you into this mess, cold is gonna help get you out! 

Level 3 - If it’s not cold where you are or you still feel sad after your walk, take a one minute cold shower with the cold beating directly on your chest, your heart chakra. You may cry. And that means you need to cry. Let the tears flow and allow your heart to open. After a cold shower, the bathroom (and your life) will feel a whole lot warmer.

Fatigued (and looking to wake up) :

Level 1 - This breath works best sitting up so go ahead and start there. Breath of Fire through the right nostril. Close your left nostril with your finger and then breath in and out of your right nostril - quickly. Like you're trying to clear some mucus. You actually might end up clearing some mucus so have tissue nearby. Finish with 3 long deep breaths through both nostrils.

Level 2 - Step outside for a few minutes and gaze towards the sun - not directly at it, just towards it. Sun Gazing is naturally energizing and the cool air will help wake you up too!

Level 3 - Dip your face into a bowl of icy cold water for 15 seconds. I know, I know, it sounds wild but you can do this! You’ll wake right up and as a bonus you’ll look phenomenal because the ice helps to decrease redness and puffiness.

Level 4 - If none of these work, go back to bed please. Give the kids the iPad, call off work. You're done.

Hangxiety :

Level 1 - 4,7,8 breathing. This breathing reminds me of smoking cigarettes, really brings me back! You take a drag of inhale for 4 counts, you hold it in your lungs for 7 counts and then you exhale the thinnest, longest exhale for 8 counts. Practice this 4-8 times in a row. 

Level 2 - Set a timer to brain dump all of your thoughts onto paper for 15 minutes. It doesn’t matter what you write, just keep your pen moving and write for the full 15 minutes (I bet you’ll want to stop halfway through - but keep going!) Write things that sound babyish, whining, bitchy - who cares just empty that head of all the unhelpful thoughts, exhaust yourself. And for some extra effect, tear it up when you’re done or burn it!

Level 3 -  Cold shower with the cold beating directly on the head, and think, I release worry, I release fear. And when you can’t tolerate the cold on your head any longer, take a step forward and allow the cold to beat on your back and think I am resilient!

Nausea : 

Level 1 - Ratio breathing. Inhale for a count of 2 and exhale for a count of 4. Then increase to an inhale for 3 and an exhale for 6. Ratio breathe for 1 minute to help relax your nervous system which is intimately connected with your stomach. 

Level 2 - Do you have some ginger on hand? Check out what DryNamics nutritionist Taylor has to say about Nausea and Ginger (plus lots of other great tips) 

Level 3 - Get moving! - Choose a light aerobic exercise, brisk walk or the elliptical, and avoid anything too straining like weightlifting. Or try supportive full body movements like Pilates, Yoga or free dancing to music. Rule of thumb - try movement for 10 minutes and if you start feeling worse - STOP. 

And if you are SICK of reading blogs with wacky ideas about how to cure hangovers, then maybe you've started to consider taking a break from drinking? I promise, it's so much easier than sticking your face in a bowl of ice water!
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Katie Tomaszewski is the lead coach and creator of DryNamics 90 Days, a group coaching program that uses temporary sobriety to help members achieve their goals and make big changes in their lives. 


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